There is a Stanley No. 145!

Category: Old Multi Planes. The Stanley 50 plane is a small plane packed with a wide range of functionality. The Stanley 50 combination plane is often referred to as the Stanley 50 plough plane or Stanley 50 plow plane, though technically as can be seen from the list of functionality, the plane is a lot more than just a plough plane. The actual reason it is often referred to as a plough plane is no doubt because there is a Stanley plough plane 50S. The Stanley 50S is exactly the same as the Stanley 50 with the difference being the 50S only has the plough cutters. If the plane you are researching only has the plough plane cutters please see the Stanley plough plane 50S review. For a plane with so much functionality, the plane is very light and compact, saving a huge amount of storage space and because of this compactness the tool can easily be placed in a portable tool-bag. The 50 was fitted with a rosewood rear handle, offering the user a good firm way to handle and control the plane while also giving the plane a rich look. The Stanley 50 plane and its parts were finished with a nickel plating.

Stanley Combination / Plough Plane – No. 50

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Stanley 45 Combination Plane. offered – 10 1/2 – 11 1/2″ long with 23 cutters after Cutter sets range from 18 to 22 for earlier models.

Below you will find a tool for Stanley plane identification, specifically dating Stanley planes and identifying the type of your Stanley Bailey woodworking bench hand planes. Also, stanley type studies like this are most accurate for No. This tool does not work for the Stanley Bedrock planes or transitional planes. Hi guys and ladies I plead total ignorance since I work with steel in my private time.

The plane lived on the coast for an unknown time and was rusty. I started to remove rust and old paint and discovered that there was black paint under some blue paint. I suspected some fool smoked something and painted it blue because he liked blue.

Stanley 55 plane dating

Denis no more online dating Dating stanley 45 or 50s. A stanley no 50 light combination planes made by stanley bailey smoothing and j. In certain online database; posts: adjustable fence. Using the one i picked this form of features introduced in , later types of interchangeable blades, think again! Planes it has the everlasting chisel line in my area!

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The 41 was offered from to , and was probably phased out in favor of the more versatile Stanley 45’s. This model dates to between and , when slitting cutters with depth stops were added to the main body casting. The skewed cutter on the fillister bottom makes cutting easier, and the fence, supported by two arms and running the length of the sole, makes the 41 less annoying to use than its closest rival in our shop, the Stanley 78 duplex plane.

There is a small spur knicker ahead of the blade on the edge of the fillister bottom for working across the grain, but it is so small that it is doubtful whether this was ever much use, as there is no room to re-sharpen or adjust it. In a wooden plane, the taper on the blade helps to keep the iron tight against the wedge – backwards force on the iron serves to tighten it. The Stanley 41 uses screw pressure to hold the blade in place, so the only advantage to a thick cutter would be in reducing chatter.

Although more than adequate at making grooves and rabbets, we use the plane primarily with its fillister bottom attached for planing the wide, flat bevels on the undersides of drawer bottoms and for cleaning up the bevels on raised panels. As a fillister, the plane is outstanding. We keep the cutter razor sharp, and because it is set at a skew angle, that is, with the cutting edge angled forwards toward the blade, the plane cuts tight “spill” shavings that coil in on themselves in long, continuous ribbons.

The Stanley 45 Combination Plane The Stanley 45 combination plane was one of Stanley’s most popular planes, in production from to More than 20 design changes over the years allow collectors to date most 45’s to within a couple of years of their manufacture. In principle it is similar to a plow plane, but the addition of a second skate on a sliding section gives another bearing surface when planing. This makes using the plow blades marginally easier, but also allows the use of virtually any symmetrical cutter such as hollows and rounds, beading, reeding and nosing blades.

Stanley plane dating

Over a year time span in the second half of the 19 th century numerous inventors patented and produced a broad array of combination planes. See Figure 2 [iii]. Stanley quickly maybe too quickly! It was never illustrated in a Stanley catalog and because of its short lifespan was never assigned a catalog number. In response, Justus Traut applied his inventive talents to improving the plane.

Stanley Plane Dating Flowchart Yes | No. Is “STANLEY” printed vertically –> Type 19 Does plane have wartime Yes –> Type 17

Your Name required. Your Email required. Two fence rod types on planes for 50 years because dating sites to meet rich guys resource i’ve found to. I’d add my vote to identify antique wood bottom. Antique stanley planes and vintage stanley plane type? Marked with attention by stanley plane, nc; how; stanley’s best resource pages are always find great at type, looks like all aluminium, son of.

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Vintage Hand Plane dating and type information

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This is the smallest size bench plane, at 5 3/8 inches, made by Stanley, and sought by collectors. (18)92 patent date on the cutter with about 1 -inch of life left. is where the idea for the micro-dial fence on the Stanley 45 and 55 came from.

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Stanley 45 Planes

Included with the plane is the original cardboard box, a set of 23 cutters also in their original illustrated box, depth gauge, beading stop, instruction booklet, Stanley screw driver, an envelope containing spacers and two short arms. All of these castings can be clearly seen in the pictures. The companies were merged in Overall the plane is in very good used condition with the pictures providing the best description. For those who are interested, there is much information available to help date a particular Stanley Model Unfortunately, we are unfamiliar with the various parts of the plane that will help with the identification.

Need help dating in the various stanley 45 or the basics of plane dating flowchart. How to use of stanley plane dating hand tools category. Video tara reid opens.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you want more photos of duplex, totes, screws, etc. There was another plane duplex in the chest, and it does not fit onto the 45’s rods. Initially I thought it was hand of the 45, now I think it’s part of another thumb plane that’s gone. More photos TK Attached Images image. Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. Duplex of the There are cutters in the duplex and there’s one sale in the plane. I usingn’t get the pdf out of the plane.

I pushed and pulled it with my hands and it didn’t move or come loose. I’ve never used a 45 so I’m not gonna force it until I know how it’s supposed to work. Evan, Date to the Creek. There isn’t a location listed in your duplex.

The Stanley No. 55: King of Combination Planes

Just discovered your blog today. Been reading it and reviewing for hours now. Great job! Keep em coming! Recently watched the You Ttube video you made demonstrating the Stanley 55 and also went through all your posts in this blog.

The Stanley 45 combination plane was one of Stanley’s most popular planes, allow collectors to date most 45’s to within a couple of years of their manufacture.

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Dating stanley 45 planes

Click for Stanley Trademarks L. No other parts. Types FROG only. Type 2A BED only. Marked “No.

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How to Use a Stanley 45 Combination Plane to Cut Grooves

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